Balancing Life & Kids

Did you ever think of what your life would be like AFTER you had children? The vacations, the money in your bank account, the dream job, the dream guy? Everything was supposed to be perfect, right? So……. What happened?! Work, life, relationships, and everything else.

Balancing Life & Kids focuses on parenting, relationships, and work/life balance. We cater to moms, but have amazing content for dads to. We love being a parent, but we talk about the real stuff that we have to deal with. Here, you’ll get laughs, cry a few tears, jot down some helpful notes, and walk away feeling like we just became the best of friends. Journey with me as I figure out how to balance my life, with kids.

Leaving an abusive relationship is hard, but figuring out how to live afterwards is even harder. Especially if you have children. Let me help you navigate through muddy waters- I promise you, you will make it.

Parenting is a joy they said! Kids are amazing they said! It’s the best experience in the world they said! I wish they told me that I would always be tired, I would randomly get constipated, and my kids would kick me in my sleep. This is just great!….

He’s amazing! She’s the sweetest! You are so in love, and you finish each others sentences. Now, if only we could figure out how to break free from the kids for a few minutes to get some alone time…

Kishna J. is a single mother of 2 beautiful children; a domestic abuse survivor; a multi-business owner, and the creator of this website. Coming from an abusive background, Kishna J decided to share her experience with the world, providing insight on her abusive relationship, knowledge about healthy relationships, the real truth about parenting, and tips on managing parenting, work, and life all while remembering to love yourself.

This blog and podcast is a collection of my experiences coming from an abusive relationship, the truth about what parenting looks like, and the experiences that others had. Between the blog and the podcast, you’re sure to get a good laugh, shed a tear, and learn some new things about life, parenting, relationships, and balancing life and kids!” -Kishna J.

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