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Introducing….. Me!

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Hello, World? Can I Catch A Break Now?

Have you ever had one of those days where you just want to have a really chilled glass of wine? Then drink the whole bottle in 5 gulps? No? Yeah, neither have I. But I have had days where I want to just lay… Continue Reading “Hello, World? Can I Catch A Break Now?”

Is Saving Money Possible?

There are so many self-help books and websites out now that claim to teach you how to save money and invest in your future. Open up saving accounts, IRA’s, stocks, blah, blah, blah. I’ve tried a bunch of different ways to save money, and… Continue Reading “Is Saving Money Possible?”

Balancing…. Life!

Hey guys!! It’s been a while, I know. Have I ever told y’all what I do for a living? Cuz I am bout to now. Lol. So for my day job, I am a Program Coordinator (I come up with different things/activities that the… Continue Reading “Balancing…. Life!”

How Much For an Oil Change?!

Why is it that us women get taken advantage of at the mechanic’s shop? It’s like, men run the shop, and think that we women have this immeasurable amount of money to dispense on cars just because. We aren’t expected to know what a… Continue Reading “How Much For an Oil Change?!”

Kids Say The Darnedest Things…..

Heeeeeeeeeeey y’all! I haven’t been able to write a blog in such a long time- I got busy, busy, busy! I am now working on rescheduling my days so that I can come back to you beautiful people. In the meantime, I have been… Continue Reading “Kids Say The Darnedest Things…..”

Friends! How Many of Us Have Them?

One of my favorite tv shows was Sex and the City. I used to always believe that as I got older, I would have a group of friends; it would be the 4 of us, we would have amazing jobs, killer wardrobes, lots of… Continue Reading “Friends! How Many of Us Have Them?”

I Like Cuddling & Long Walks…..

Full time job, full time small business, full time mom, and dating. Where does that fit in? I am one of those old school moms- if I’m dating someone, you do not need to meet my kids. I think that’s fair. I mean, what… Continue Reading “I Like Cuddling & Long Walks…..”

Moving! Love it or Hate it?

So, I have finally moved into my own house. It’s a beautiful 3 bedroom, full basement, small backyard twin that is perfect for my kids and I. And I am excited that I am finally on my OWN- with no man, no best friend,… Continue Reading “Moving! Love it or Hate it?”

Social Media is the Enemy!

As a business owner, social media is supposed to be the most amazing thing known to me, right? It’s supposed to allow me the platform to get my products and services out to the world and attract attention to me. But there’s just one… Continue Reading “Social Media is the Enemy!”