Are You Procrastinating on Life Insurance?

By: Tiana Cuevas from Consumers Advocate If you’re a parent, and you haven’t purchased life insurance yet, the thought might have been hovering in the back of your mind for a while. So…what’s stopping you? Maybe death is a subject that’s too scary to think about. Or you think your health history might prevent youContinue reading “Are You Procrastinating on Life Insurance?”

The Truth About Being The “Strong Friend”

I am known as the “strong” friend. The one who everyone goes to for advice, money, a sitter for their kids, a place to crash. You name it, I’m the person for it. But that becomes a very hard title to carry when you have your own issues beating down your door and you haveContinue reading “The Truth About Being The “Strong Friend””

4 of the Top Apps for New Parents Right Now

Post By: Emily Graham Welcoming a new baby is a huge milestone, and it’s the event that most changes couples’ lives. As Very Well Mind admits, having children adds another level of stress to a marriage. Fortunately, working together with your partner—and taking advantage of technological support—can help reduce stress and make you a moreContinue reading “4 of the Top Apps for New Parents Right Now”

Basic Financial Planning Advice That Every Parent Needs to Know

By: Sara Bailey Although having a child can contribute to money stress, it can actually be the push you need to finally get your financials in order and help you better plan for the future. Whether you’re preparing to welcome a new child into the world or you’re finding it difficult to meet the financialContinue reading “Basic Financial Planning Advice That Every Parent Needs to Know”