When “Mr. Right” Comes Along….

My fellow single moms, and everyone else- Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!! It’s never too late. But it has certainly been a really long time. Life happened, along with everything in it. Then, someone came along.

So, I’ve been seeing this guy. We won’t mention any names; he’ll just be called Mr. Officer. Mr. Officer was referred to me by a friend when I needed some legal advice. He was really sweet and we became friends quickly. Now I must mention- after leaving my children’s father I didn’t think that I would meet anyone so I wasn’t really interested in dating. Back to Mr. Officer- we get to talking daily, hung out a few times, and boom- I start cathcing feelings. I woke up one day and I smiled. I mentally smacked myself like “Hold up miss lady! Why in the heck is you smiling for? This aint what we doing!” (Yes- I did the neck roll and the finger snap in my head). But did I listen? Nope!

I kept talking to him, kept seeing him, and the next thing I know I’m in a sticky situation. Me being the “relationship” type that I am, I told him that’s what I wanted. Welp, yea- he shut that down. Quick. Claimed he wasn’t looking for a relationship. Now- if anyone knows me, they know that I don’t listen. And I’m spoiled. And I like to get what I want. And I don’t take no for an answer. Plus there was just something about him. I couldn’t put my finger on it- it was this intensly strong feeling that he was “the one”. So, we continued to date. And I continued to get more and more happy. I started to feel like I actually had someone who saw me for who I was and not who he wanted me to be. That was a waaaaaaaaaaaay different scenario than what I had come from. Then BOOM!!

One day, someone dropped the L word. Now- we all know that once that word gets thrown out there, it changes the entire dynamic of the situation. The person that says it first is always uncertain about what the response is going to be. It’s like jumping double dutch- you have to wait until the perfect moment to jump in and your footwork has to be perfect or else you just messed that jump up. Well, you have to make sure that the atmosphere is perfect and the feeling is mutual before you drop that bomb. *I was trying to find a funny L word to use but I couldn’t find one…* So yeah, the L word is love in case anyone was wondering.

Did I mention that he was really great with my kids? They don’t tend to take to anyone, and they BOTH took to him. My son wakes up and asks for him by name. He doesn’t even do that for me…. My daughter, when he comes over she runs to him to give him a hug. She doesn’t do that to me when I pick her up from school anymore. I don’t understand why she does it for him…. I told him, I said “so… you know you’re stuck now right? My kids only know their father, and now you. And they love you. So you may as well get used to being around cuz you can’t go anywhere now.” And, I meant it. Oh- did I mention that he’s my boyfriend now? I always get what I want (emoji with sunglasses face).

So now I have a boyfriend, and I’m in a relationship. And I’m super happy. And it’s weird for me because I haven’t had a genuine connection with someone in a really long time. Seven and a half years to be exact. It might actually be a bit longer than that… Oh, and it’s not like a fake relationship- he picks my nose, pops my pimples, farts in the bed with me, poops and talks to me at the same time. I think if I asked him to suck my toes he would. Now THAT’S the ultimate “I love you”! Well, to me it is. Lol. I am smitten. It’s about time that I had someone actually care about me. I think I’m worth it.

Did I mention that my butt has gotten bigger since we’ve been together? (emoji with the sunglasses face) Yup! That’s my boo!!

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