Time Heals All Wounds- NOT!

In my 30 years of being on this earth (I’m super young, I know!) I always hear the saying “time heals all wounds”. I’m not sure where this saying originated from, but I believed it for such a long time- until I realized that time went by and my wounds were still as fresh as the day they were carved. Time certainly didn’t not heal my wounds!

Forgiveness heals wounds. Especially emotional ones. The hurt that someone caused you. The heartbreak from your ex leaving. The pain of losing a loved on. Time passing isn’t going to make these things any better or easier to deal with. Trust me, I’ve tried. But forgiving did. Myself especially. I forgave myself for blaming myself; forgave myself for making bad decision; forgave myself for holding on longer than I should’ve. And I forgave the person that I felt did me wrong. Even when I didn’t receive an apology for the slight. That healed my wounds and helped me to move on.

Love heals wounds. And to my defense, when I say love I am equating it to God. Because God is love and love is God. Love’s patience heals. Love’s understanding heals. Love’s acceptance heals. Love’s kindness heals. Because healing can sometimes be so deep that we don’t know how to tap into it. But the love (either from someone else or God himself) that we receive from a genuine spirit can help ease our anxiety and help us focus on where exactly our pain and hurt comes from so that we can start to mend the brokenness.

Therapy heals wounds. Because talking about the problem is the first step to fixing the problem or figuring out what the problem is. You can’t fix what you don’t acknowledge or know is broken. And we alone are not always able to see the issue objectively in order to fix it. I know I was a burier. I buried all of my issues somewhere deep down inside of me and tried as best as I could to forget about it. And now as an adult I have an extremely bad memory issue because of it. One that I cannot fix on my own and I probably need therapy for.

Acceptance heals wounds. Many people are walking around hurt and angry because they haven’t accepted a choice or decision that was made in their life. They feel slighted, betrayed, or used and they just cannot let go. Accepting those painful decisions can help with letting go of the hurt associated with it. It will not be easy, but for your emotional and psychological well being it is definitely worth it.

Time doesn’t heal all wounds. And I wish people would stop saying that. There are many different ways to heal from something, and many people are willing and capable of helping. They won’t to school for it people! Lol. Find one that works the best FOR YOU and heal! You’ll thank yourself later for it. Because waiting around for it to happen on it’s own isn’t going to work.

Be legendary KINGS; be extraordinary QUEENS.

Until next time



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