The Perfect Love

Growing up, we all read the fairytales about a princess being saved by a price, they fall in love, and live happily ever after. No one told us that wasn’t how it really worked out. The prince doesn’t always save the princess, and if he does they surely don’t live happily ever after. There are bills, kids, work, schedules, and did I mention kids? Here is what a real love story should be written as….

Emily is raised in a dysfunctional family. She has daddy issues and starts dating at 13, loses her virginity at 14, and meets an abuser at 19. She stays in that abusive relation for far too long and ends up with emotional issues and a baby. Fast worward 5 years later- Emily is now 24 with a 3 year old baby and hella baggage. One day she wakes up and says that she can’t live like this anymore and leaves. It’s hard- Emily has no degree, a dead end job, and a mouth to feed. With her tail tucked and her head bowed, she goes back to her mother’s house. She enrolls in school, start with therapy, and gets custody of her child. Fast forward 5 hard years, and she is now 29 with a masters degree in nursing working as a head nurse for a pediatric department in a hospital.

One day Dan (an older man) walks in with his daughter that is extremely sick. He’s been to 2 hospitals before and no one can figure out what is wrong with his daughter. His wife passed away 4 years ago and he has been struggling to raise his daughter on his own. As he is leaving the hospital one afternoon to grab something to eat, he passes the Emily in the parking lot. Despite everything he is going through, he takes note of how beautiful she is. He gets into his car and drives off. A few days later, Emily is on shift on Dan’s floor and is making her rounds. She stops in Dan’s room and he notices her again. This time is he struck by how beautiful she is up close. Emily has been monitoring Dan’s daughter’s chart and she believes that she knows what is wrong with her. She discusses the probelm with Dan and tells him of the treatment that she would like to start. 10 days later, Dan and his daughter are getting ready to leave the hospital. He tries to find Emily, but it isn’t her day to work. So he leaves, and plans to come back to find her.

A few weeks have passed, and a mysterious bouquet of flowers shows up to the nurses station addressed to Emily. The card states that they are from Dan and he would like to thank her for saving his daughter’s life and asks if he could take her on a date. Against her better judgement, Emily accepts. Their first date is amazing- they go to a picnic in the park and realize that they have a lot in common. Between their daughters, their upbringings, their love of food and music, they seem to be a good pair. They date for several months, their daughters meet and get along, and Dan decides that he wants to spend the rest of his life with Emily so he proposes. She accepts and they get married.

Two years down the line, they are married and living together. Their daughters are both in the same school and one is getting picked on and the other doesn’t stand up for her. It causes tension between the girls. Emily has picked up extra shifts at work because she would like to be able to purchase a bigger house with Dan, but Dan makes over $100k a year and doesn’t believe that Emily should be working so much. She’s never home and he doesn’t have quality time with her. Their house is now a constant fighting zone and they both have no idea how to fix it. One day, Emily is again fed up and decides that she doesn’t like what’s going on. But this time, instead of leaving she asks God to fix her marriage and to help them find each other again. A week later, Dan suggests that they go to marriage counseling and in order to do so Emily has to give up her extra shifts. She decides that the sacrafice is worth it so she cuts back her hours and goes to counseling with her husband. They fidgure out what’s causing them to not see eye-to-eye, and they invite their daughters in to fix their issues also. A year later, their home is happy, Emily is pregant, and they just closed on a bigger house.

Happily ever after isn’t real. But happy is, if you work for it. We are all like Emily- we all have choices to make, and the choices that we make affect the outcome of our cirumstances. We can choose to fight for what we believe in, or we can choose to let go and just accept what is. Love is work. Love is choosing the same person over and over again. Love is choosing to overlook the hurt, flaws, baggage, and shortcoming and seeing the best in others no matter what. Love is being the best for others no matter what.

Will you choose love or life?

As always, be legendary KINGS; be extraordinary QUEENS!



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