Hey guys! This is just a random post. I have a few thoughts in my head that I wanted to get down, so I figured that I would share them with you.

First things first- this election. I understand that Trump is a douche bag (to put it nicely) but what makes Hillary any better? They both have HUGE flaws that cannot be overlooked, and they are both selfish people who only want power. So how would having Hillary as president be any better than having Trump? Because she isn’t blatantly racist? But isn’t this the same person who helped pass the bill for the “war on drugs” that has gotten young boys locked up for 5+ years for having a small amount of marijuana on them? Or a female who unknowingly transported something for her idiot boyfriend and now has to serve 6 years away from her child(ren)? People aren’t perfect but this law put too many people in prison for MINIMAL offenses! OR, isn’t she the same person who covertly rerouted all of the relief money that was supposed to go to my home country of Haiti? And instead the people there are suffering and still in need of essentials like water, and bread, and a cot to sleep on? I personally don’t like either candidate, but Hillary was NOT my lesser of the two evils. Just my opinion.

Second topic. I am happy! (emoji insert, guy with the tongue out). Like, I’m smiling ear to ear as I write this post. My life is SLOWLY falling into place, but it is definitely getting there. I just need to finish with this stupid time machine…. This thing is taking way longer than I thought….

Okay, if I am being honest I only wanted to talk about me being happy. LOL!! I haven’t been this happy in a really long time and it’s all just bottled up inside me and I needed to let some of it out somehow. It feels good to be in this space. Life is so simple, yet we as people make it complicated. Money does not bring happiness. We need it to pay bills, buy clothes and food, and to keep certain things in order. Outside of that, money is actually the CAUSE of many issues! Our ancestors lived on the bare minimums and had amazingly LONG lives! We have all of these things that we think we need and we still aren’t happy. As long as I have my children, some food, a place to lay our heads, and a great support system, I am a okay.   When I cut all of the unnecessary stuff out of my life, I started to gain a sense of peace. The less stuff I worried about, the happier I became. And now I am blissfully happy. Everything is NOT in order, my money still doesn’t look how I would like it to, I still do not know how to manage my schedule, and this darn time machine still will not work! But, I am happy! (you guessed, EMOJI!!!!!!!!) Lol!!

Until next time my friends!


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