Men Are Allowed To Be Happy Too!

I am currently struggling to find the time these days to be on social media, let alone actually posting content. When I do have the time (normally while I’m sitting on the toilet trying to avoid my kids), I can only catch a post or two before I have to go back to whatever I was doing. One post caught my eye a few weeks ago (remember, I’m still trying to create a time machine and a cloning machine so that I can be less busy here)- the post said something along the lines of “men are supposed to provide for the family, make sure their mate is happy, then die”. And other guys commented and agreed to the post! The whole time I was thinking “but, what about them actually being happy?” When did it become the norm for men to NOT be happy with life?

At the ripe young vibrant age of- HA! You actually thought that I was going to give my age away? Better luck next time! Lol! Anyways- I have no desire to date anyone who is not happy at this point in my life. I have worked extremely hard within myself to establish and maintain inner peace and happiness, so dating someone who doesn’t strive for the same would make us unequally yoked. Not for me boop! I am the encouraging, motivating type. I wake up and send you a good morning texts. I send nudes randomly. I tell you that I love the peen, and that I think you are the most amazing person in the world. I speak life over my man, I take him on dates, and I leave his stomach full and his man parts empty. My partner WILL BE happy, there’s no doubt about that.

What I cannot understand is why men (and women) think that men shouldn’t be happy in a relationship. Happy couples thrive- they make money together, have great sex, raise happy kids, make amazingly tasting food… The list goes on. This society has created a belief that men are JUST providers and sperm donors and nothing else. Men are that, and so much more! Men are protectors, comforters, friends, help mates, equal partners in business, the head of households, father figures, mentors, leaders, game changers, deal makers, lovers…. as you can see my list is endless. I myself had to accept that I completely disregarded the fact that men possessed feelings just as much as women do. In my past relationships, the man’s happiness was never my concern. Men didn’t show it, so I didn’t bother to cater to it. But not catering to that essential part of a man only lead to unhappy relationships. We foster insecurities, lies, and doubt in our men when we do not make it our business to actively ensure their happiness. A good friend of mine recently told me that in order to keep a man happy, all I need to do is make sure his stomach is full and his balls are empty. But I believe that other little things play into that as well. I’ll send my partner flowers. How many men can say that their woman ever sent them a bouquet of roses? I’ll send my partner to the spa, just because. I’ll plan romantic evenings or getaways just to say thank you. I’ll figure out what your favorite thing is, and get it engraved or personalized as a gift. I’ll ask you how your day was, and can I give you a foot massage. Everything that I want my man to do to me, I am going to do to him. If these actions make me happy, they’ll make him happy too, right?

My partner will be one of the top 5 people in my life (God first, and he shares the slot with my 2 kids and my mom and grandmom). If I go out of my way to make all of those other people happy and ensure that my relationship with them is stable, by the same notion I will do the same for my mate. Shoot- I’ll cashapp him some money on my pay-day and tell him to go get a cut, on me. I plan on living until I am close to 100. My partner has to keep a smile on my face every single day until God calls me home. But, he can only do that if I in turn keep a smile on his face.

Ladies, we need to remember that without our men, life would be so much more difficult. I am not one of those women who say that I do not need a man and I can do everything by myself. I cannot. I hate taking out the trash, I hate having to deal with car stuff, I hate having everything on my shoulders, I hate sleeping alone (but thankfully my kids cuddle with me most nights), I hate when my grandparents constantly ask me when I am going to find a husband and get married. Like I can just snap my fingers and he’ll magically appear. Hmmm…… Maybe I should add that to my list of inventions; a perfect-husband-machine… I can manage without a partner, but life is so much easier with one. A happy one!

Be legendary Kings; be extraordinary Queens!



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