I Like Cuddling & Long Walks…..

Full time job, full time small business, full time mom, and dating. Where does that fit in?

I am one of those old school moms- if I’m dating someone, you do not need to meet my kids. I think that’s fair. I mean, what guarantee do I have this it’s going to work? I need to make sure that my kids aren’t randomly meeting a new man every 4 months. Plus, there are a lot of weird people out there. But um, when do I have the time to date? Let’s see…. Work, kids, dinner, bath time, bed time, computer work, sleep, wake up and do it all over again. Can I fit a date somewhere in there?

How am I supposed to date? This is how I think it’ll go: I’m pumping gas in my car, and a tall handsome man walks over to me. “Hey, I’m Jax” (I like that name, it’s kind of sexy). “Hi Jax, I’m Kishna.” “So what do you do, Kishna?” “Well, I work full time, own a small business, and I’m a mom.” “How many kids do you have?” “2, a boy and a girl” “So, when can we spend some time together?” “I don’t know, I’ll have to put it into my schedule, find a sitter, and shave. I’ll let you know.” Yeah….. I don’t think that it will go over well. Especially because I really don’t feel like shaving….

Okay, so I do get breaks. My kid’s dad picks them up and gives me a few days off, but then I’m exhausted from when I had them. I need to catch up on my sleep and whatever work that I missed. And, I’m not coming over to “netflix and chill”. Whatever happened to the days where guys came to your door and picked you up, held doors open for you, pulled out your chair, and paid the WHOLE bill after dinner? I once went out with a guy that took me to a diner, asked me if I wanted to split the MEAL, then stated he was going to ask for separate checks. The bill was only $21.25 (yes, I distinctly remember the total). Needless to say, we haven’t been on another date since. Or, the guy who MET me somewhere (because I don’t like people knowing where I live), and he asked me for gas money…. Or the guy who was texting me and asked me could we have sex. I replied “no”, and he said, okay then have a great life. Or, the guy who kept sending pictures of his private parts to me; when I didn’t reciprocate, he proceeded to curse me out and said that I wasn’t that pretty to be acting all “boujie”. I once met a guy who fell in love with me. Via texts. We never actually went on a date. I had to block his number. And there was this white guy who insisted on showing me why white guys are “where it’s at”. I have NOT had the best of luck when it comes to dating.

So now, I’m just kind of…. Waiting. For God to tap me on the shoulder, and point to a guy somewhere in the crowd and say “that’s the one!” If only it was that easy, huh? The second option is if you have an older brother/cousin/uncle/friend that is handsome. I’m in the market for a tall, well educated, financially stable, already has children (because I am not having any more!), God-fearing, kind man. Tell him that Kishna said “heeeeeeeeeeeeeey!” (I really need to figure out how to make emoji’s! Lol)


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