How Much For an Oil Change?!

Why is it that us women get taken advantage of at the mechanic’s shop? It’s like, men run the shop, and think that we women have this immeasurable amount of money to dispense on cars just because. We aren’t expected to know what a cam shaft position sensor is, where a throttle body is located, or how to replace the seal in the head gasket. Yeah, I know a thing or two.

My ex had a mechanic that he used that was pretty good with pricing and did really good work on cars. Welp, I’m single now, and I don’t have that go-between buffer of an ex that I used to have. Thus being said, an oil change now costs me $200. Changing my oil pan is expensive because, and I quote, “the front of the car has to come off and we need to move the engine in order to take the old pan off”. (emoji face). But when I Youtube’d it, it’s just a drop and swap job. My price for changing my starter was $500,  but my ex’s price was conveniently only $250. Prejudice at it’s best, no?

I just do not understand why we have to pay all these crazy prices for the same exact services that men need. We make less money (even though we are smarter and more educated), we have more to pay (because realistically no matter how involved they are in their child’s lives, we always end up paying for more), and we are extremely more attractive so we should get a discount just because (emoji face! Lol).

Also, I wonder if anyone can explain to me WHY these same mechanics fix whatever it is we bring the car to them for, and then they also tamper with something else which forces us to bring the car back to them to get fixed. Again. I mean, if you want to see my pretty face, you could just ask for a picture or a date. No need to sabotage my ride. I need my mom-mobile, sir. Thanks.

Why aren’t there any female mechanics? And if they are out there, where the heck are they?! I’m tired of paying these inflated prices. Batting my lashes and wearing a short skirt hasn’t been working for me thus far. I wonder- if I wear a baseball cap and really baggy pants, will I start getting regular prices for my labor? I know how to change a tire, shouldn’t that count for something? Sheesh! You mechanics are killing us females. It isn’t fair. There should be a law against it. Or, at the very least, we should be able to get our oil changed for free. I think I’ll start a movement for that. What should my slogan be?…… I just spent like 10 minutes thinking of one and I couldn’t. I’ll get back to you on that (places note next to time machine schematics).


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