Getting My Mind Right

Over the last several months, we have all been quarentined and stuck in our houses. I didn’t mind this one bit because I can work anywhere from my laptop as long as I have internet access. The kids loved it because they love running around my house and eating up everything that I buy. What I didn’t realize was that I needed this time off, this slow down, this “break” to help me mentally stabilize myself. I had been unable to focus and be productive for over a year and I was unable to figure out why until I was stuck in the house and on pause with the kids.

The year 2019 was such a difficult year for me mentally. I had to deal with so much both physically and emotionally and I hadn’t realized how much it affected me until it was time to complete work for my clients. Things that I would normally be able to accomplish in an hour would take me a week to get done. Whenever I looked at a computer my mind would go blank. I couldn’t focus, couldn’t think, couldn’t be creative. I was trying to figure out what the issue was, but that was cut short because something else popped up in my personal life that caused my mental health to get worse. This isn’t to say that I wasn’t able to accomplish many things in 2019- I wrote and published my first workbook, started my podcast, bought my house, started 5 home care agencies for my clients, amongst other things. But the time that it took me to accomplish those things last year was tripled because I was going back and forth to court with the father of my children for custody, child support, a restraining order, and a civil suite. In my free time, I was holed up in my house because I wasn’t sure if that particular day he had decided to send someone to my house to harrass me with flyers. It got to a point that one day I combed my hair and chunks came out in the comb. That was when reality hit me.

This time being home has helped me to ease my mind; calm my thoughts; refocus my creativity. Being home has allowed me to take a break- both mentally and physically. I wasn’t running on fumes anymore- I had the time and ability to woosah. It has done an amazing job on my mental health. This time home has made me more productive. I noticed myself being able to work on the computer more, finishing work faster, completing more assignments in a day, and adding more onto my schedule. I have new ideas for my businesses and I have more ideas for my podcast and this blog. This quarentine was just what I needed to get myself together and back on track.

There have been some days when I missed being around people, but overall I am very grateful that I was able to take this break- for myself, my businesses, and my children. I picked up a new hobby: planting! I have over 40 plants in my house (and counting because I believe I have a few coming in the mail) and I have been teaching the kids how to care for the plants. We water, repot, and rearrange the plants around the house to ensure that they grow well and now the kids keep asking me to buy more plants for their rooms (just great- lol!). Creativity back, a stable mind, and hella plants. We are doing good over here!

As always, be Legendary Kings; be EXTRAORDINARY Queens!



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