Friends! How Many of Us Have Them?

One of my favorite tv shows was Sex and the City. I used to always believe that as I got older, I would have a group of friends; it would be the 4 of us, we would have amazing jobs, killer wardrobes, lots of money, handsome husbands (or fiances), and successful careers. I currently have 1 long time friend…..

What the heck happened? Where did all my friends go? And why did they go away? Welp…. First and foremost, I have kids. Which means that I don’t really have a lot of spare time to just go out with people for drinks and whatnot. And the closest friend I do have has kids. And a husband (that wench!), and a job, and a small business, and a new born baby….. Now that I think about it, she has the life that I’m supposed to have… Let me go call her and tell her that we can’t be friends anymore. I’ll be right back…..

Seriously. Everyone I know has kids now. And a job. And some are even starting their own small businesses. This is all great, but leaves us all with absolutely NO time for a social life (at least, that’s what I have to keep telling myself in order to make it true). The reality (at least for me) is that I’m reclusive. I’m an introvert and I like to stay to myself. Which is horrible for business! (I wish I could put emoji’s on here). So I have been forcing myself to make time and be more social. It’s actually working.

I met this young lady who has 2 children. She just graduated with her bachelors degree, and she is on her way to starting up her own small business. She’s really smart, positive, and funny. I like her. Then, of course, there’s my best friend (when I called to break up with her, she didn’t answer. So, she’s still around. Lol). She’s in school for mortuary science, and she’s started her business doing funeral obituaries. She’s pretty smart too. And, I guess I have to give her credit for sticking with me for so many years. And every black girl has to have 1 white friend. I love my white girl; she’s my Caucasian persuasion. She has a great career doing recreational therapy (google it), and she’s on her way to moving up the corporate ladder. And she has really long brunette hair that I’m always running my fingers through. Hold on, I have to call her too….. And there’s my younger girlfriend who has a really cushy job working at a ¬†university. Easy hours, great pay. She’s going back to school for her masters, and then to get a better job with easy hours and great pay. She’s also very smart. Then there’s…. wait. No, that’s all I have as friends. (Again, a perfect emoji insert right here!)

Am I the only person at the age of 29 (minus 1.5 months; don’t judge me) to only have 4 friends? Wait- I just realized that I have my clique! Ooooooohhhhhhh, I need to make a girls night and invite everyone over for drinks and games and crabs! But my best friend has a crazy work schedule and when she comes home her husband goes to work, and the recent grad works kind of late hours so the weekends probably would be best, my Caucasian persuasion has a 2nd job that she works most days so I would have to see when she’s free…. See? (Again, PERFECT emoji insert!!!!!)

Anyways, having a life and kids and friends and a social life is like trying to stick the thread into a needle hole- it’s possible, but you gotta be damned good at it! Lol! Or like trying to get my 19 month old son to eat with a spoon and not make a mess. Unless its dry foods, it’s nearly impossible! I’m working on it. The schematics for that is right next to my time machine; just another project that I’m working on mastering. Wait, have I even mastered ANY of my projects yet?…… (You guessed it, emoji insertion!!!)

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