Everyday I’m Momming It

School started in September (I think) and my kids are being homeschooled. Well, virtual school- which means my kids stay home and are on the computer while I get to run my businesses from home. Intitially, I thought that this was going to be a great thing for them and for me. Now, I need them out of my house. Like, yesterday…

Now hear me out… My daughter is amazing at virtaul schooling. Her teacher walks her through all of the steps of what she needs to do and she manages everything on her own. She’s extremely independant and outside of having a ton of craft objects all over my office desk and floor, I don’t have any issues with her. My son on the other hand doesn’t understand the concept of online schooling. At all. Or maybe he does and he just doens’t care. Either way, him and I are having major issues and I am completely over him being home.

I know what you’re saying- it can’t be THAT bad, he isn’t as bad as you say he is. First and foremost, yes he is. He’s a little terror and I really need to find the receipt for him and send his ass back. Second of all, I tested it out. We went to Georgia to my moms house for a week. He was with myself, my brothers and sister, and my mom. The first day that he was at the house doing his virtual lessons, EVERYONE asked me how I made him sit still at home. My response was “I give up on him”. School starts at 8:30a. We eat breakfast from 7:45ish until 8:25a. We then transition from breakfast to online. By 8:35a he’s asking me for something to drink. Around 8:40a he wants a snack. By 8:55a he needs to use the bathroom where he spends at least 10 minutes upstairs and when he finally appears he comes back with a handful of toys. At 9:05a he’s dying of hunger and his dinosaur says that his stomach is hurting because he hasn’t eaten for 2 days. At 9:10a he’s rolling around on the floor because his legs are super itchy and he can’t scratch it from the chair. I wish I was making this stuff up. I had a meeting one morning and left him in the house with someone. That eveing I received an email from his teacher stating that from 10:15a until class was over my son was missing from the computer. I cannot imagine what other parents are dealing with when it comes to their child, but this kid is giving me a run for my money.

The funny thing is he is extremely smart! He is learning his sight words on first try, his math skills are exceptional, he’s finishing his online tests without any help from me in under 10 minutes, and he can finish a puzzle in under 30 minutes. A major part of me believes that he is a genius and he’s just bored in class which is why he won’t sit still. The other part of me is annoyed that he won’t sit still for more than 5 minutes and is equally confused on how he is able to retain ANY information if I never actually see him focus on the computer. Maybe if I wasn’t trying to run like 5 businesses from home it wouldn’t be so bad because I would have the ability to focus on him. And maybe, just maybe, he needs to just sit his little bottomless pit of a stomach down in his chair and listen to what his teacher is saying. Let’s not even get into the amount of snacks that this kid eats in one day… I spend more money on groceries and snacks with the kids being homeschooled than I do when they are home during the summer! I love my children! They are my everything! But school needs to open back up because he has got to get out of my house. Let his teacher deal with his hyperactive self so that I can get back to killing my computer keyboard.

*Please know that I am joking about kicking my son out of my house to go back to school. This was just a funny post about how much I am struggling with my son being home. As I am sure that other parents are also.*

Do you have any tips on how to manage this virtual school stuff? At this point I’m just parking myself next to the kid while he’s on the computer. That’s been working for the last day or so, but the way my son is set up that won’t last very long… LOL! Maybe I should bribe him with more snacks…

As always, be legendary KINGS; be extraordinary QUEENS!



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