But I’m Pretty Too….

I don’t really like to have drama in my life, but I love to watch it on tv. One of my most watched “ratchet tv” shows is Love and Hip Hop. All of the women on the show are beautiful- perfect sculpted bodies, reconstructed faces, million dollar surgeries to keep them looking good and in shape. And here I am, little ol’ me, with my 2-pregnancy-raisin-stomach that I just cannot get rid of. Everytime I turn on the tv, I see images of woman who are showing me what I am supposed to look like. But what about me? I’m just as beautiful…

I have been blessed as a woman to not have body issues. I have issues with my body, but it doesn’t affect the image of myself (please understand the difference). We cannot say the same for other women and girls. Visual images play a major role in our lives without us realizing it. We see images of beautiful women on television all day long, and this is the media’s way of telling us how we should look. Our waist should be small, our butts should be big, or lips should be full, and our hair should be long. But what if we don’t naturally look this way? My hair is kinky, I wear glasses when I don’t have my contacts in, my stomach is nowhere near being flat, and I am averagely beautiful. I think that I should still have just as much importance as they do. The media works very hard to make us believe that we should be naked, loud, and unnaturally disproportionate in order to gain attention from anyone. That’s not fair, especially to our daughters. I do not want my daughter to grow up thinking that she has to fit into a certain image in order to be beautiful. She is beautiful, just the way that she is. And so are you, and you, and you. The overweight beautiful beauties, the flat booty beauties, the baby-belly-that-won’t-go-away beauties, the acne-that-won’t-give-up beauties. All women are beautiful, no matter what the media tries to tell you. Reassure yourself of that; reassure your friends, your sisters, your cousins, and most importantly your daughters. We are ALL beautiful!

Within the last few years, dark-skinned women are starting to get recognition for their beauty. Not that we weren’t beautiful before, but now we are RECOGNIZED for our beauty. As well as thicker women. “Thick thighs saves lives” is the new slogan (which I love because I love my thick thighs honey!). But how far have we really come in this “beauty image” industry? And can we expect this recognition to last, or is it just a fad? The naturalista’s, the natural face girls, the freckles, the beauty marks- can we really expect society to love and accept us from this point forward? I don’t know about you, but my chocolate skin complexion has always been one thing that I was the most proud of in regards to my beauty. Now that my acne is cleared up and you can see the smoothness of my chocolate face- hunny, NO ONE can tell me anything now! Lol! And it only ADDS to my beauty. I define my beauty- not the media. Who defines yours?

Remember- you are exactly who you think you are, NOT who other people think you are!

Be legendary Kings, be extraordinary Queens!



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