Balancing Life & Kids Is a website designed and dedicated to parents learning
how to navigate through parenthood, womanhood, adulthood, and
relationship-hood. The stories and advice given to the readers are designed to
help them get through times of trouble, make them laugh, and provide insight
on maneuvering through parenting and dealing with issues with their
significant other.
Aside from reading the blogs, visitors can listen to the podcast, watch the
youtube videos, order and download a copy of Kishna’s “Guide to Everyday
Parenting” e-book, and schedule a coaching call about parenting and/or
relationships. Links to the social media pages send you directly to posts that
give tips and tools on parenting and relationships, and let’s you get a glimpse
Into the everyday life of Kishna.
I traveled through Philadelphia speaking to young people about healthy
relationships, providing coaching to young female teens on self-esteem and
self-worth, and have been seen on the Driven to Achieve show In Atlanta, Ga,
and guest appeared on several radio shows, including but not limited to PQ
Radio 1 and …..
I have been a guest on several podcasts- Cup of Ambition Podcast, The Growth
Goal Podcast, Liptease, and I host my own- Balancing Life and Kids. I have been
featured in many articles; Hustle Mom, Own It!, The Business Babes, and
Parenting United to name a few, and I have successfully been published in
many businesses and parenting magazines (both virtually and in print).

Coaching Services:

  • Marriage coaching 
  • Relationship coaching 
  • Post Trauma Healing coaching 
  • Life coaching 
  • Parenting coaching


If there is one thing that people should know about me, it’s that I am a problem
solver. In my life, in my business, in my relationships, in parenting- if there is a
problem I have to find a way to solve it. Which is how I got started in this
journey. I was faced with several problems in which I had to figure out solutions
for, and those solutions ended up helping other people when I started to share
them online. My experiences, my trial and errors, and then my success became
stories that others read and resonated with.
I was in an abusive relationship for 3 years that ended with me being in jail for 9
months. I had my son in a hospital room alone- just myself and the doctors. My
son was then taken away from me 32 hours after I gave birth to him. I was
released from prison and came home to an ex who used my children as pawns
to get what he wanted from me, who slandered my name across all social
media platforms, who tried to ruin my reputation not only in business but also
in the eyes of my child. According to him, I was a monster.
I had to solve this problem, but I couldn’t do that until I forgave myself for
staying for so long. Then came the therapy, then came the healing, then came
the fight to get my life back, Now, 6 years later, I own 5 successful businesses, I
have full custody of my children, and I have touched the lives and hearts of
countless other women who were in similar situations and didn’t think that
they had a way out.
If I can leave and make it AND be a great mom to my kids, so can others. I want
to help them not only make it out and survive but LIVE and be alive again.
N I C H E & E X P E R I E N C E
I have spent the last 15 years of my life working with youth and young people. I
have received several certifications in leadership development, conflict
resolution, crisis management, coaching, and business development. But I
found my heart calling me to help parents.
I have focused my efforts on parenting and relationships. Parenting, because as
a mother I understand how hard it is to raise children, especially if you are on
your own. Parenting has no blueprint, no rule book, no set path to follow. As
such, parenting leaves a whole lot of room for mistakes and shortfalls. Too
many people have suffered in silence and cried tears of hurt and pain because
they feel like they are failing at parenting. I have been there, and I learned
better. I made the decision to dedicate myself to teaching others that failures in
parenting means that 1- you love your child enough to try and 2- you’re figuring
out the right way to do it. I focus on relationships because, despite what people
say, it aids in shaping who you are. Being in a healthy, loving, stable, and
committed relationship will help boost your self-esteem, help you be more
productive in work and business, encourages the relationship that you have
with your children, and provides you with optimism in life. But being in an
unhealthy relationship robs you of your joy, passion, and self-worth; it causes a
strain in all of the relationships around you, especially the one with your
children, it causes physical and emotional pain and distress, it decreases your
productivity, and forces you to see the world pessimistically.
The relationship that you are in tells a story about who you think you are, and
dictates what type of parent you will be to your children. I want to help people
change their story

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