Social Media is the Enemy!

As a business owner, social media is supposed to be the most amazing thing known to me, right? It’s supposed to allow me the platform to get my products and services out to the world and attract attention to me. But there’s just one problem. TIME! I barely have time to post to my own personal social media and now I’m supposed to post for my business too? Like, who comes up with this stuff?

I have this amazing app on my phone called “When to Gram”. It figures out when the most people that I am following and are following me are logged into social media and tells me so that I can post and they all can see and like it. It works great- when I actually use it. But it always goes off when I’m right in the middle of doing something- like actually working, or driving the kids to school, or making dinner, or enjoying the 2 second break that I get to use to go to the bathroom. Then, it’s just goes unnoticed…..

When I am actually able to use my social media, it works great. People see what I do and comment and I’ve been able to get business from it. Which means that I have more work to do. Which makes me busy. Which means I cannot be on social media…. Do you see my cycle problem here? I want to force myself to break away from everything that I am doing for just 5 minutes and manage my social media. But then when I’m actually able to do that I just wanna take a quick nap. Lol! Eventually I’ll figure out how to manage everything entailing work and social media. But until then, social media always takes a back seat because it doesn’t pay me. Man oh man, if social media paid me, I would LIVE on there. Eat, sleep, breathe, everything on social media! Show me the money Instagram and Facebook!!

In short, if you’re looking for a grant writer or a business consultant you can hire me. My IG is @egd_grants and my Facebook is Exponential Growth & Development. If not, then can you please share my information with someone? It will really help grow my business and I would greatly appreciate it. 😉

Thank you! xoxoxoxo

Balancing…. Life!

Hey guys!! It’s been a while, I know.

Have I ever told y’all what I do for a living? Cuz I am bout to now. Lol. So for my day job, I am a Program Coordinator (I come up with different things/activities that the organization can do to benefit people within the community), I am the Marketing Coordinator (I make appointments to go talk to social workers and support coordinators to introduce the company, what we do, what insurances we take, etc.), and I am the grant writer. That’s self explanatory, but for people who don’t know what grant writing is, it’s basically searching for foundations, organization, and federal funding (money) that they are willing to give to non-profits and for profits for certain projects. It’s extremely time consuming and requires a ton of research. I then started my own business doing grant writing and business consulting, and I’m working on starting a non-profit for girls and women. To say the least, I’m always doing something.

I have to force myself to not get burned out by the end of the day. Especially with two toddlers running around the house. Between the constant mommy! calls, the fighting, the toys all over  my house, the juice on the floor, and my son clinging to my legs, I have a good reason to just call it quits by 9pm. But, I still have dinner to make, hair to braid, baths to give, stories to read, covers to tuck, and prayers to recite before I can have some ME time. I think I want to clone myself. One part of me will work, the other part will be the mom, and the last part will just lay around and relax for the other 2 working parts. Now, that’s a good life. We can rotate positions on a monthly basis so we all have a chance to take a break. Please, Jesus, let this become reality! Lol.

You have got to be extremely motivated to balance working and mommy life. Like, EXTREMELY motivated. Because it can and will take a toll on you. You’ll miss out on important events, a dating life, a social life, birthdays, holidays, sex…. Wait, sorry- I just went off on a mini tangent. But, as demanding as it is, I just cannot see myself doing anything else. Yes, I am ALWAYS tired (I actually dozed off twice while writing this), but I love being a mom, working with a non-profit, and running my own business. I just hope that I still have hair left by the time I turn 35… Lol!

I promise to try and do a better job at blogging. And figuring out how to do this from my cellphone. That’ll probably make my life a whole heck of a lot easier. Tootles! xoxo